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  1. Feasibility studies and Eco evaluation
  2. Project, framing, costing and time management
  3. Thumburmuzhy model aerobic composting
  4. Rural Green technology to tackle organic waste
  5. Formulating Integrated farming and value additions

Aerobic (1)

Rural organic waste

Utilising the waste to its fullest potential especially in the rural sections has always been a challenge. With efficient waste management solutions from W2W you can change this situation. We help you convert waste and use it as compost which can help your agricultural lands flourish and prosper. We will create suitable and affordable facility designs with our expertise and in-depth understanding that will give you eco-friendly and economical solutions.



Municipal solid waste

We work in close alliance with various regulators and institutions where the focus is to strive for a better environment. In this continuous effort to achieve the ‘green’ objective we undertake a wide range of projects and collaborate with teams that works in favour of nature. Our passion and the push for excellence has made waste management a factor to be seriously considered by several organisations and individuals alike.




Waste management is a science that needs to be understood and a field that needs immediate attention. We train various groups and individuals who are willing to contribute to the noble cause. Our training schedules are accommodating for every individual who is interested to understand the need for waste management and who wants to join the league of environmental peace seekers.Get your training plan today.



Apart from regular training programs we also conduct workshops that address to every doubt and are extremely informative. Our interactive sessions are meant to involve the audience in the close range and make them realise why waste management is crucial. Not to forget we explain Thumboormuzhi model aerobic composting system in detail and advocate how the model will benefit the user in the long-term.