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Our model


Thumboormuzhi model aerobic composting system is one of the world’s most efficient and cost effective waste management models. This model adopts  layering technique and a single layer may hold as much as 500 kg of wet organic waste. Hence our four layered compost bin has the capacity of two tons of organic house hold waste.. Nature friendly microbial consortiums and other materials are used to begin the compost process. This model is one the most successfully run waste transformation models.

Clean Model:

Being an aerobic recycling model (in the presence of oxygen)  temperature rises rapidly, as much as 70-80 degree (pasteurization temperature). This heat build-up curtails spreading  of bacteria/ virus  pathogens.

Aerobic degradation prevents putrefaction and hence no foul smell or environmental pollution occurs. The method uses a consortium of natural microbes, verified and purified by scientists; hence there is no foul smell.  The entire matter completely disintegrates and hence Thumboormuzhi model is ecologically a clean model. UNDP climate control group has lauded this technology as the most ideal and safe method for India. The green house gas emissions are meager, thus valuing on carbon credits and there is no much leach ate in the process. The method uses a consortium of natural microbes verified and purified by state agricultural university. We design the culture based on the type of waste and eco factors prevailing in your zone.

tum2Ease of Maintenance:

The compost bins need very less space. It may be placed   on a terrace too with a proper shade. The compost unit doesn’t need any monitoring.

In flats or apartments, the maintenance teams can be trained and entrusted with segregation of house waste which can be  deposited into the bin as a layer every day. When one bin is full with all different layers, the bin is left intact for 90 days and all the waste will be aerobically converted into quality compost.

Cost effective:

This is the cheapest technology in India.  The only one-time expense is the bin and recurring expense is cost of consortium (once a month).