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Waste2Wealth Alliance is the outcome of long years of tedious research of Dr Francis Xavier, Professor, KVASU, Kerala  and fine tuning that has gained acceptance in the scientific community through published scientific papers in renowned scientific journals. Professionals and environmentalists have now come together as a team to reach out to the community this simple cost effective technology to convert waste into manure.

Waste2Wealth Alliance provides turnkey solutions to a wide range of green waste problems, ranging from household organic waste to community MSW issues. Our technical division is equipped with a spectrum of support like project designing, creating tailor made facilities, and associated management tools. Our ultimate aim is  to recycle , remodel any waste to usable form- We are committed to research and evolve viable and sustainable solutions to the waste management.

Following are our services:

  • Integration of farming designs, linking it to organic waste management and value addition
  • R&D division will design scientific tailor-made project packages for your waste management problems
  • Scientific analysis of the effluents, gases and compost
  • Proactive maintenance of aerobic composting systems

We offer Thumboormuzhi model aerobic composting system with suitable microbial consortium based on the type of waste. Thumboormuzhi model is an eco-friendly aerobic composting that emits the least amount of greenhouse gases and composts without any putrid smell. It is an easy to operate method with a very low investment and has been lauded as the best technology for rural India. Waste2Wealth Alliance designs suitable models after assessing the gravity of the waste problem. Our clients will be suitably trained on the minutest details of the working aspects of this unique aerobic composting technique. We empower them with a simple solution to convert waste into manure with simplest cost effective technology.